The collaborative use of technology is simply that which concerns the many ways in which ICT can be used between and amongst people. 2012 is the national year of reading. The state library of Victoria has showcased an extensive range of  online literary resources. These particular resources are print centered. They would be perfect reference for a unit such as Shakespeare or a textual study, such as  Austen or Gaskell etc.  What the site the ‘mirror of the Worlds’ features are many rare and prized manuscripts of canonical texts which students have easy access to. The site also displays a generous display of contextual and literary backgrounds of such texts. Such information being easily accessible will benefit student access to respected texts. Since textual study and appreciation is a dominant aspect of secondary English such online sites as ‘ mirror of the world’ provide for the issue of equity and student access to be countered as being a barrier..   Since ICT can foster collaboration it can also encourage what Lev Vygotsky termed ‘dialectical constructivism’. Vygotsky recognized the many ways in which student interaction and activity could be enhanced and furthered by the use of discussion. Information technology has now furthered the modes by which this interactive discussion between students could be fostered. Such collaborative features as Edmodo and Fakebook or Wiki’s allow students alternatives in communication and representation. Familiarity with social networking will be an advantage for students as they build upon that knowledge to further their knowledge in sites like Edmodo. Simple knowledge transfer strategies as exposure to a site will foster and enrich student competence and independence.


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