It is a sign of the times that the advent, introduction and subsequent proliferation of technology has rendered the 21st century the Information Age. As a result the tools available for teacher usage in classrooms are many and varied. There are a plethora of resources that both teachers and student can relish. In the case where students are in need of supplementary text  ideas than such online resources as can be found are a necessary addition to what can be utilised. Supplementary texts may be specific to the stage 6 English component but they need not be. Students in stage 4 and 5 would at one point in their English secondary studies require extra texts to extend them or to simply refer to. The internet and its vast database of information allows for that ease when negotiating material to select. As Karen Yager has suggested most of the articles that are on offer allow for an extensive coverage of texts. Specifically, the texts displayed are an outline of the  general range of  print and video material from speeches to the ‘Wonderful books of Lessmore’. With the available resources students can either be inspired to create their own ( hence it becomes a scaffolding tool. Or the exposure to the extra material can allow them access to different texts and textual features for their own reference).


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