Module P

Using ICT to access Multicultural texts. The internet allows for greater access and immediacy, which otherwise would not have been available. In a globalised world of interdependence. The interconnected world we occupy now insists on greater communication and interaction between its citizens. What this warrants is a greater need of communication between cultures. The vehicle through which this communication is exerted is ICT. Country borders no longer constitute boundaries. The proliferation of ICT has allowed people greater access and immediacy of international understanding and dialogue. Concerning the Australian curriculum, general capabilities such as sustainability and  creativity can be approached through a cultural perspectives lens. In subject English, textual study becomes a perfect mode through which to consider other cultural contexts and lifestyles.  Due to Australia’s Asia-pacific  location, the region is a dominant feature of the texts concerning this aspect of the world. The Asia – Australia and Oceania nexus becomes an authentic and viable way of  teaching world and cultural understanding to students of differing customs as well as their similarities. The complexity of culture and cultural identity will prove fruitful discussion for the classroom. The availability intercultural dramas online sites allows a platform for cultural recognition and discussion- as well as fostering empathy and harmony.


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