Module D

The topic of this thread explores the ways in which lesson activities can be informed by ICT. Lesson activities are the building blocks of instruction and pave the platform for formative assessment. These activities can be as varied as possible. In the case of textual study in which grammar knowledge is warranted teachers would integrate grammar into textual study to contextualise grammar instruction and understanding. The site ‘Grammar monster’ is a site rich in the phrase, clause and single word analysis. The many topics and sub- topics of parts of speech can be further contextualised in  passages from books to authenticate the study of grammar usage. Regarding the use of the site  I find the source tends to be easily accessible and manoeuvrable. In order to aid grammar instruction students are given many examples of parts of speech in context highlighting their very use and the variance in usage. Confusing words are also explained through sentences and scenarios. Such similarities as ‘accept/ except’  are contextualised for their various meanings. Students will find the site non-threatening and the information easily manageable. Furthermore the clear layout of the site will better aid student engagement and comprehension.  At the bottom of the explanations are cue suggestions of  related topics for further differentiation and discovery. As far as teacher strategies are concerned, students can either  use the site independently to  update their skills inn grammar or the teacher may use the site as mode of joint construction in which the wholes class navigates and  discovers  communally. Perhaps the latter suggestion would allow for greater support. However, the site  itself provides enough support for an individual to negotiate for oneself. As ICT must be integrated into lessons if it is to have  amore genuine impact on student learning.


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