Module D- Shakespeare and ICT

As far as using ICT to enrich the teaching of Shakespeare, there are many sites available which cater to the digitalising the Bard’s work and times.  The globe becomes more interactive and accessible, allowing Shakespeare’s context to have greater immediacy  to a modern audience as an online virtual world. This experience allows students insight into what in print would be a difficult context to imagine. ICT  sites of virtual nature concerning Shakespeare’s time will allow students greater scope for imaginative and empathetic tasks that warrant student immersion into ‘secondary worlds’.  Since Shakespeare by his very nature is complex persona than his breadth and depth of work is likewise cognitively rich and intensive. What this warrants from students is an avenue intellectual engagement whilst also providing intellectually release. Interactive sites on Shakespeare and particularly the noteworthy one affiliated to universities allow students greater scope to understand, interpret , interrogate and immerse themselves simulated interactive sites which make 15th century personalities easier imagine. Shakespeare’s work by their very nature also encourage deep levels of discovery learning and immersion- further extending the student.


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